Literary Lifestories

Your Life Story turned into Literature

You have a tale to tell – the story of your life. Let LITERARY LIFESTORIES turn your words, into a story, the story of your life, in the style of a fiction novel, with your name on the cover. We can write, publish and even sell your book for you. Go on, make history!  

call: +44 (0) 07765805532

To make a lasting impression, give the gift that keeps on giving, your descendants will be intrigued for decades!


The fascination of turning your story into literature is that something thrilling happens when you tell a story which begins with Once Upon a Time… or Some Time Ago… or even Before Now…

If you are serious about wanting to share your real life story with others, you will want to hook your audience and keep them captivated long after they have read your tale.

One, time-honoured, proven way you can do this is by turning your life story into literature; so that fact is styled with fiction to take the reader right back to the actual scenes; scenes as remembered by the protagonist and embellished with dialogue, character, description and plot.

So do not risk boring your friends and family with another ‘during the war’ yarn a’ la’ Uncle Albert – get in touch with our creative team today.

 call: +44 (0) 07765805532

STOP PRESS – For an entry-level option to sample this personal history experience, you can order one full-length chapter – STOP PRESS


In the end we are all stories, so best make it a good one!



5 thoughts on “Literary Lifestories

  1. Anyone who would like their life story told should 100% choose Literary Lifestories. Natasha is a fantastic storyteller who will bring your memories and stories to life. So what are you waiting for?!!


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