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Literary (creative) Life (reality) Stories (content)

I specialise in creating reality content for promotional purposes. Reality content is a real story which makes you, your product or your service not just known – but unforgettable.

To engage your patrons or onlookers you need to communicate who you are and then what you do or know. If you do this regularly you’ll achieve brand loyalty and based on your real stories I can do this for you. 

Where can you use this content?
The content I write for you forms part of your marketing:
blog posts
social media posts
email news alerts
– regional and national press releases
– and even books!        

I also help:
– bereaved families struggling to write a deserving eulogy
– individuals writing personal statements, bios and even life stories!

Well, there’s nothing quite like the words ‘based on a real life story’ to grab the attention of an audience.

When you tell people a story something stirs… they have an emotional connection.

That’s when they remember the story, not just with their minds but also their hearts. When that happens – you’re pretty hard to forget.

Why Literary Lifestories?
I put the ‘creative’ into creative reality content. It’s the difference between junk mail that no body wants and words used powerfully.

For example, a blind man in a video that went viral held up a sign saying ‘I’m blind please help’. People walked on by, but everything changed when a woman came along and rewrote the sign to say ‘It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it’.       

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