I create people focused content to connect brands and people with their crew, clients or cronies! 

Telling our real life stories is one way to gain that prized commodity – trust

…as people today crave authentic crowds and meaningful experiences.

  • client and service user (impact) stories
  • eulogies
  • biographies 
  • personal stories
  • written portraits
  • obituaries 
  • profile pieces


Well, there’s nothing quite like the words ‘based on a real life story’ to grab the attention of an audience.

When you tell people a story something stirs… they have an emotional connection.

That’s when they remember the story, not just with their minds but also their hearts. When that happens – you’re pretty hard to forget.

Why Literary Lifestories?                                

It’s the difference between junk mail that no body wants and words used powerfully.

For example, a blind man in a video that went viral held up a sign saying ‘I’m blind please help’.

People walked on by, but everything changed when a woman came along and rewrote the sign to say ‘It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it’.       

“I can help rewrite that sign for you, because if you want to move people – you should tell them a story.” guiding light in Real Life Stories, N.L. Collins

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